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Street skating is among the top two most popular skateboarding styles, and for good reason.

Creativity and the overall style in which a skateboarder performs their tricks during a “run”, is what makes street skateboarding so unique and much loved. Skaters utilize items that are typically found on urban streets, such as stairs, handrails, benches and curbs, using them as skate obstacles.

Equipment from construction sites, road blockades and/or traffic signs can, and often are, utilized in the street skateboarding scene. These unique obstacles can also be purchased and used to practice and improve street skating skills at home. Whether you’re looking for construction signs, a jersey barrier, traffic cones, or another type of street obstacle, you can now find them from a number of reputable skate shops.

Road blocks don’t stand a chance.

The sky is no longer the limit when it comes to creativity in street skating. These days, you’ll see skateboarders taking advantage of just about anything they can find on the street, in order to use it as a surface to skate on.

A-Frame Construction

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OC Barrier

The sky is no longer the limit!

Another reason many skaters gravitate towards street skating is due to the fact that they will never run out of new and different streets to skate. You’re more likely to get bored of a sport or hobby, if it consists of a lot of repetition and/or repetitive motions. As a street skater, you have the freedom and ability to skate a different spot every single day if you wished. 

Thanks to the versatile nature of this skateboarding style, it’s common to see skaters from all different walks of life. Unlike other skateboarding styles that require access to, or the purchase of, rails, boxes, and/or ramps, street skating requires only one thing: a skateboard. Since it is more affordable compared to other skateboarding styles, it draws a unique and diverse crowd. It’s no wonder street skating is loved by so many – creativity and imagination are encouraged and there are virtually no limitations or restrictions.